“This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, motherfucker.”

Gerard Way

Is it bad that I would happily sell my family to see my chemical romance in concert?…no…okay
Sorry (not sorry) family

Gerard being fabulous and sassy 👻 meme isn’t mine but amazing anyway 💃

The band that saved my life and my ultimate inspirations to be who I want to be! MCR thank you 🙌 10 years of 3 cheers 🙌

My mum said she is going to confiscate my city of heavenly fire book…because I need to revise for exams

Mum: right that’s it I’m taking the book
Me: my people need me*dramatically runs away*
Mum: they aren’t even real….
Me:shhhh don’t say that..no I refuse* clutches book to my chest*

Pftttt who needs a job when you have fictional characters😍😍😍

08.05.14~Panic!At the Disco
Best night of my life 😍
We were so close to the front…and now I have post concert blues…😫take me backkk

Oli Sykes everybody…

Oli Sykes everybody…



No words….just Andy….

“Having a normal band obsessed day when suddenly….I remember I’m never going to see My Chemical Romance live…….
*screams* “I’m not getting out of bed till MCR get back together”
Brother shouts “you will be waiting a long time”*evil laughter*”